The History of Learning Management Systems

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Please note: This blog post is a course related assessment for the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads University.

After reading Watters (2014), I took time to reflect on what timeline would interest me most. With the variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS) I have supported in my role and used as a student, I thought it would be interesting to map out a timeline of some of the most used LMS in the higher education sector.

Please review the timeline below, and comment on any dates that surprise you in the timeline.

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Watters, A. (2014). The History of the Future of Ed-Tech, Chapter 1. In The monsters of education technology. Licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA.

Watters, A. (2014). Un-fathomable: The Hidden History of Ed-Tech, Chapter 2. In The monsters of education technology. Licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA.

0 thoughts on “The History of Learning Management Systems

    • Brandon Carson says:

      Thank you very much for this resource, George. I did not come across this, but will be sharing it with my colleagues now. Yes, seeing pivotal changes such as new advanced features and acquisitions would be very interesting. I will keep this in mind, incase it comes up in the criteria for future assignments in the MALAT program.

  • Hi Brandon, thank you for your help getting my timeline working. I enjoyed scanning through these, it is interesting thinking that some of these platforms are 20 years old- when it comes to technology, they are doing pretty well. I remember being introduced to Moodle around 2010- I was not a fan of the platform. In your timeline it shows that Google Classrooms are a LMS. I always thought it was not a LMS as it does not have a gradebook system embedded within it, you would have to create one in Google sheets. When doing your search, what was your definition of a LMS?

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