Dr. Roland van Oostveen

Ontario Tech University

Please note: This blog post is a course related assessment for the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads University.

Dr. van Oostveen is the Director of the Educational Informatics Laboratory (EILab) and the Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology (ESDT) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) (Educational Informatics Lab, 2017a).

I chose Dr. van Oostveen due to his work in the field of online learning and my knowledge of his work through being a graduate of the ESDT program. Dr. van Oostveen was my first professor in my undergraduate degree, and his approach to Problem Based Learning (PBL) and the creation of Fully Online Learning Communities have been prevalent throughout my studies at UOIT and Royal Roads University.

The Fully Online Learning Community (FOLC) model that Dr. van Oostveen authored incorporates aspects of PBL, Community of Inquiry (CoI), Community of Practice (CoP) and other models to create a co-created learning environment between the teacher and the learner (Educational Informatics Lab, 2017b). I believe The FOLC approach to learning has the opportunity to shift the standard approach to education, to encompass a more realistic experience to what a student will encounter when entering the workforce. Additionally, it encourages the learner to take ownership of their learning, which is a skill set that could have the possibility of positively impacting an individual for the rest of their life.

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