Digital Presence and Digital Identity Plan

Goal and Purpose My overall goal and purpose for improving my digital presence and identity are to build new connections with individuals working in post-secondary education, people who are passionate about education and technology, and to open up new part-time and full-time work opportunities. Boyd (2011) states that social networks are used to build a digital presence and to share information with people who have an interest in the topic. Continuing to network with those that I have already connected with and building stronger relationships will open up new opportunities and will introduce me to new findings in my area… Read More

Conceptual Map of Digital Technology Use

Using the Visitors and Residents paradigm by White & LeCornu (2011) and the mapping framework developed by White (2013), I have created a Visitor vs. Resident conceptual map that highlights my use of digital tools for both personal and professional use. White & LeCornu (2011) define being a visitor as using a digital tool to perform a specific task. Once the task is complete, the individual ceases using the tool and does not use it again until it is required. They go on to define a resident as a person who lives within the digital setting, spending time with other… Read More

MALAT Virtual Symposium Review

I had the pleasure of attending the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) Virtual Symposium, a five-day event covering several different areas of the field of digital learning. Although the symposium happened in real-time during the month of April, it kept with the MALAT programs theme of Open and is still available for asynchronous viewing. The event is broken into three separate tracks and although each one is of interest to me, I chose to attend the Stories from the Field track. This aligns with my current role in the Durham College Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment… Read More