Building an entire post-secondary course using Open Educational Resources

HTML code displayed on a screen.

This post is an adaptation from a previous conference presentation, Building an entire post-secondary course using Open Educational Resources – Online Learning 2018. This post will discuss my personal experience building a course solely using Open Educational Resources. I will share the positive and challenging aspects, as well as the learning that occurred along the way. In the 2017-2018 academic year, Durham College, in conjunction with other post-secondary institutions, received funding from eCampusOntario to develop a new program for eLearning Developers. Part of this program was an HTML Introduction course, which I was very familiar with. The course was already being offered… Read More

Digital Presence and Digital Identity Plan

Goal and Purpose My overall goal and purpose for improving my digital presence and identity are to build new connections with individuals working in post-secondary education, people who are passionate about education and technology, and to open up new part-time and full-time work opportunities. Boyd (2011) states that social networks are used to build a digital presence and to share information with people who have an interest in the topic. Continuing to network with those that I have already connected with and building stronger relationships will open up new opportunities and will introduce me to new findings in my area… Read More