Visualizing my Digital Network

A man with his hands on a tablet.

Please note: This blog post is a course related assessment for the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads University. Activity 2 of LRNT 521 required learners to create a visual of their digital networks to identify where and how we are situated within their network. As I continue to reflect on my social media practices, this exercise allowed me to gain a holistic view of my social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as learn about the benefits and limitations of the different applications that allow social media users to gain analytical information… Read More

Digital Presence and Digital Identity Plan

Goal and Purpose My overall goal and purpose for improving my digital presence and identity are to build new connections with individuals working in post-secondary education, people who are passionate about education and technology, and to open up new part-time and full-time work opportunities. Boyd (2011) states that social networks are used to build a digital presence and to share information with people who have an interest in the topic. Continuing to network with those that I have already connected with and building stronger relationships will open up new opportunities and will introduce me to new findings in my area… Read More