Support your students by using Open Educational Resources (OER)

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At many higher education institutions, we have reached the crucial time of year where we select our textbooks for the upcoming academic year. Often, we have textbook companies explaining why their books are the best choice, but there is an alternative option that faculty members may not be aware of… Open Educational Resources (OER). What are OER My favourite definition of OER comes from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). UNESCO defines OER as: teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or released with intellectual property licenses that facilitate the free use, adaptation… Read More

Building an entire post-secondary course using Open Educational Resources

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This post is an adaptation from a previous conference presentation, Building an entire post-secondary course using Open Educational Resources – Online Learning 2018. This post will discuss my personal experience building a course solely using Open Educational Resources. I will share the positive and challenging aspects, as well as the learning that occurred along the way. In the 2017-2018 academic year, Durham College, in conjunction with other post-secondary institutions, received funding from eCampusOntario to develop a new program for eLearning Developers. Part of this program was an HTML Introduction course, which I was very familiar with. The course was already being offered… Read More

The Disadvantages of Open Educational Resources

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Please note: This blog post is a course related assessment for the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads University. When reviewing the unit 1 readings, I was pleased to see Teaching in a digital age by Tony Bates listed. I previously secured a hardcopy edition of Tony’s book at the 2017 World Conference on Online Learning and looked forward to the opportunity to read the book again, after a year of additional studies in the fields of learning and technology. With a new found interest in Open Educational Resources (OER), the first chapter I decided… Read More